Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Morning Run

So if you read my New Year's post, you know that one of my resolutions was to get back in shape and take back the clothes in my closet. I don't care if they're five years out of style. I just want to be able to put them on again.

I've gotten up a few mornings to go for a jog, but it's cold and dark, and I'm by myself. My warm bed is just such a better place to be.

Today my friend, Karen, and I decided to take the kids for a morning run at a normal time of day. After the sun had come up. We drove about five minutes so that we can run by the ocean AND because it's flat. Running with a double jogger with 50 pounds of kid in it UPHILL is just not fun or possible for longer than 20 seconds.

I was too busy huffing to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. Karen was trying to carry on a conversation with me and I was so pathetic not being able to be polite and ask her questions back because I was TRYING. TO. BREATHE. Running with the jogger and kids on flat ground is not easy either.

But we made it. We went a couple of miles before I about passed out and asked her if we could walk.
And then she suggested we walk here.
Do you know what VG stands for?
Very Good Donuts.
I like it, simple and to the point.
What I don't like is that I just had to watch while the kids tasted a little bit of heaven.
Alright, I had one eensty weentsy bite.
But that's it.
Now that's willpower.

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sarah said...

yay! way to go! so proud of you!