Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hey there sun.... it's nice to see you again

For the past two months, basically since we've gotten here, you could have fooled me that we live in San Diego. The weather has been terrible. Over the last month, it's rained almost every day.

Finally, it's beautiful know, like it's supposed to be here....EVERYDAY.
So after being trapped in the house for 5 days straight, due to potty training, as much as I would love to blame it on the weather...we ventured out to the backyard.
For about 5 minutes because it was a total mudbath.

But I took advantage of the kids actually having real clothes on instead of pajamas to take some pics.

This is her "cheese" face. I have no idea what the bowl is doing up there.
Little MAN
Trying to find a dry spot
Love these two...
And photogs....
Question for you.

I have the hardest time getting SHARP focus in my pictures. Any suggestions or settings? I know my shutter speed needs to be taken up a notch, but then the lighting is off....and too much noise in high ISO settings. Anyone care to explain the AF settings to me? AF-A AF-S AF-C

But this one may be a new favorite of mine.

This was right before he almost plummeted over the side of the bench into the mud puddle and a few words escaped my mouth before ending our little photo session.


Traci said...

Hey there! I was going to email you but then realized I don't have your email address... How is that possible?? Anyway, I've started to see the noise loud and clear (sorry for the pun!) since we are usually shooting indoors with the ISO at 1600... The Pioneer Woman had a couple of interesting articles that you might find helpful... I haven't really had a chance to play around just yet - hopefully this helps!

She also does a 4 part post on aperture that are worth the read:

Shannon K. said...

Never let your shutter speed drop below 125, lower the aperture number or raise ISO. Grain shouldn't be a problem on most cameras up to 400. 800 you might start seeing some noise on some cameras. I'd take noise over blur any time. There are noiseware programs to fix that! Email me if you have any further questions!!