Saturday, February 19, 2011

Team Effort

We didn't have much going this weekend, which is oh so nice.
I've been meaning to get the kids haircuts for a while now, but after this incident last time, there was no way I was going alone!

It took a year and a half to get up the courage to attempt this. I'm telling you, last time was traumatic for all involved.

So today I spent an hour on google trying to find a kid friendly, reasonably priced, close in proximity hair salon that wouldn't butcher my kids' hair.
It took an hour to find.

But it was easy! Well, much easier than I was fretting about.

Graham just needed a small trim. I still wanted the baby look clippers allowed.

He did pretty well, mainly because he watched Diego most of the time.

All done!

Then it was Addison's turn.

Let me give you a glimpse of last time first.
This time was so much better.
I mean, really?

When we were all done, I wanted to get a quick pic of the two of them.

Graham was thrilled.
But then he settled in for about 3.4 seconds, and I thought these were cute.

All in all, nice Saturday.
Tonight Andy and I are cooking a late Valentine's Dinner.
Let me rephrase. I am cooking. Andy is only allowed to work as the sou chef.
But Pioneer Woman's burgundy mushrooms are simmering on the stove, so it's gotta be a good night.


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