Thursday, August 4, 2011

20 Months

I went to get out the stickers today and realized months 15-19 were still there unused. Oops.
Here comes some documentation for the "baby book" again.

Graham, you're 20 months ish....

you are: mischievous, can halfway throw a football, shoot a basket (your dad is so proud)
attached to your blankie & your paci
a champ at sleeping
book loving
juice obsessed
still willing to cuddle

OBSESSED with CARS, specifically, Mater.
You take him everywhere

wearing 2T clothes
size 6 shoes

outstanding eater....
you passed on Mac & cheese tonight but instead wanted my whole wheat pasta, balsamic vinaigrette chicken salad with feta, basil & tomatoes. What?

such a ham

still not that verbal, but usually we can tell what you're trying to say since you you say the first sound of almost anything.
Other clear words are: ball, car, mader, elmo, juice to name a few

You call your sister, "Ass".

As I said, we get the beginning sounds.
Name aside, you adore her, even though she has become increasingly territorial about her things when you are around

Graham with his "Ass"
and couldn't be happier



Emily Joy said...

Ass. That is FUNNY. That may come back when they are, say, 14 and 16 :) He is just too cute!

Jenni said...

We miss yall!!! Hugs to G and ASS! Love it!