Monday, August 8, 2011

Much Needed

We've been here almost a year.
Can you believe it? In fact a year ago this weekend, was our house hunting trip.
It's also taken us a year to find a babysitter, who's great with the kids and doesn't cost us an arm & a leg.
Awesome, except that she leaves to go back to school in less than a month.
So I shall use her as much as I possibly can (and that my husband allows me to) between now & then.

We did use her this weekend to take a much needed date night.
Taking advice from my sister-in-love, Sarah,.....
why would you spend money on a sitter to do the easy part?
So instead, we left right after nap-time. Why did it take me three and half years to figure this out?

Started with a little happy hour on E-Street in Encinitas.

We brought our own half open bottle of wine to a lookout point.
We're classy like that.
And again, we talked about how much we love it here.
And tried to figure out how we can afford to stay here forever.
(It's probably not going to happen)
Relax, mom.

And then we worked on our bucket California list.
On Andy's.....
He says he's going to surf before the end of the summer.
He's avoided watching Shark Week, so he just might do it.

Oh such a flattering, camera phone pic, straight up the nose, but since I'm never on this blog, I just wanted to let you guys know that yes, I'm still here.

Then we headed across the street to a sushi joint that had been highly recommended,
mostly for their 7 day a week happy hour.
We're cheap like that, too.
It was great!!
Thanks for the recommendations, friends.

And then we used our Fandango Living Social deal to go see
Crazy, Stupid, Love that stars some of my favorite people.

I just love Emma Stone.

And yeah, this guy's not that bad either.
Andy jerked the phone away while I was trying to get a shot of Mr. Gosling....

So even though the babysitter was by far the most expensive part of the night, it was so worth it to get to date my husband again....outside of the house.

Next date night on the calendar.....Adele in a week and a half!!!
Be still my beating heart.


sarah said...

woot! LOVE the day-date. very good. i approve!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Love me aome date nights! And, yes, the babysitter is always the most expensive part of the date!! But SO worth it! :)

The Montgomerys said...

fun date! love the pictures:)