Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mark & Crystal do the OC

Yesterday was a super exciting day.

1. I got to go get a haircut. Like at a real salon, downtown no less.
2. My husband was totally supportive because it was free. The color, the highlight, the new cut...all of it, free.

*** I will interject here and say that the reason it was free, was the wonderful stylist, Megan, who has been cutting my hair out here was starting work at a new salon and they needed a hair model. To say that she had to twist my arm to get me to help her out would be a lie.
I will also say that the entire process took about an hour for every inch I got cut off and I'll just put it on the table that I'm about 7 inches lighter.

3. A few of our favorite people came to visit us.

Andy's brother, Mark, and my sister in law, Crystal flew in from Savannah, Georgia to hang out with us and the kiddos for a few days.
To say that we are so excited is a huge understatement.

After I got back from my full day hair appointment, we headed for the OC.

We were going to hit up Lauren Conrad, but she apparently now lives a little further up the 5.

Here's a quick glimpse of 7 inches shorter.....

Addison has been a weeee bit obsessed with Uncle Mark since he got here yesterday
And let me just say that my daughter from a couple weeks back has been no where in sight this week. This little girl has been an absolute angel for the past few days.
Aww, it's days like these that make you almost forget about those other times.

I mean, truly...angel.
She has come up to me several times just saying.....unsolicited ...
Mommy, I just love you SOOOOO much.

So I'm documenting it so I don't forget it during those....ahem....other times.

But I think this one might be stepping up his game to take her place in the "challenging" box.

Constant fits. It's good times, really. It's so funny, you just have to document.

So we finished our little walk and headed back to the PCH to grab some tacos before heading home.

And so began the gluttonous week of eating that fun company brings.....

Let me just say that it's the first day of my new weight watchers week and all of my extra points alloted for the week have been used.

FYI...there are about 15 points in 1 sprinkles cupcake. You are allowed 29 points a day.
My first pair of skinny jeans that were purchased today after a successful month on WW might just be making a return back to the store.

A quick attempt at a family pic....

And my new haircut debut.......
I will have lots more pics to share soon because tomorrow Andy and Mark are going to take on surfing for the first time ever.....and Crystal and I are not going to miss that!


Lacey said...

LOVE THE HAIR!! I thought you might be going shorter with all your recent pins. ;0) You look gorgeous and as always you make me jealous of where you live and your views.

sarah said...

love your hair & congrats on the successful WW week! awesome! y'all have fun, we are so jealous we're not there w/ you all!