Monday, May 28, 2012

Family Happy Hour

Friday night Andy got home at a great time, and we decided we still had plenty of time left in the day....not to mention that bedtime was a good 3 hours away, so we better get these kids out of the house.

We headed to one of our favorite spots for a happy hour....because anytime time during the workweek when Andy is home before 5 o'clock is TRULY a happy hour.
We went to our little hangout at the local airport, called the Landing.
They have the BEST happy hour specials until 7 o'clock every day of the week for you locals.

AND....the kids get a kick out of watching the airports, helicopters, fire engines, and whatever else seems to be hustling about....not to mention, they have a great deck where the kids can run around and burn off some energy. 
Good fun for all.

Graham enjoyed his beverage while we enjoyed ours.

2 draft beers and a fish taco entree....$9.  Total.

 If was a fun Friday outing, for sure.
The kids are already asking to go back.
Ok, twist our arm.

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