Friday, May 18, 2012

The Here & Now

I have a lot to catch you up on blog world.
Confessions, updates, random pictures.....happenings over the last few we go.


This darling no longer lives with us.
Those sad eyes are haunting me now, so I'm going to type fast.
Andy and I got Harley six years ago....newly married, no kids, when he was a cute little, harmless E-walk.
When the kids came along, he became a little more "difficult".
Basically, he had little dog syndrome and felt the need to let everyone else in the house know that his 10 pound weight meant nothing, and he ruled the roost.
Barking, growling, snapping, and most recently....."marking territory" on kids things.
I love(d) that dog, but after the most recent months of "Harley bit me...." "Harley peed in my room".....
"Harley won't give me back my toy" just became too much.
I'll be was the pee that put both Andy and I over the edge.

I talked to my dog sitter and asked for advice....afraid I would be permanently shunned in the world of dog lovers, but she affirmed my thinking, have to put the kids the end of it....he is just a dog.
So, after much searching, we found a rescue shelter that took him in and he is now living with a foster family until he can find a more permanent home....with no little kids.

And I have to confess.....
Life is SOOOOOOOO much easier now.
Ok, judge away.

I was worried about how the kids would handle it, but Addison simply says, "Harley lives in a different home and now he can't bite me or pee in my room.".  Yup....that about sums it up.

I've been away from blogging for so long, because I've been blessed to be busy doing something I love......taking lots of pictures of sweet families.

I met a sweet family last weekend through a referral.
Amanda and I had no prior connection but after 5 minutes we discovered that we both are from Texas, went to Texas A&M and were Chi O's.
Crazy small world....especially since she was the SECOND person this exactly thing has happened with.  Lots of fun Texas connections out here in SoCal.

Here are some more pics from our fun session.

Because I've been so busy taking pics of other cute families, I have taken NO pictures of our cute family.  So tonight I took 2.

Mother's Day was a crazy time last weekend.
First of, a Mother's Day present that may be a little ridiculous, but I was thrilled....

No. It's not a new car.  My honda odyssey is just fine (for this crazy stage of life), but Andy allowed me to finally change my "decals" from blingin' gold to plain old siver.
I know, ridiculous, but has bugged me for way too long.
If you are wondering if it's me while driving down the road, have no fear, just look for the gold pinstripe down the side of my car, which he has drawn the line against me getting removed.  
So I'm still slightly blingin.

Last weekend, we planned a little impromptu getaway to Palm Springs with another family.
We were SOOOO excited.
We have never traveled as a family of 4 except to go see other family.
It was going to be a real vacation....with friends, no less.
Guys would golf....girls would get some pool time....
and then I checked the weather and found out why we had gotten such great rates at the resort.

So we packed lots of "summer in Houston" clothes and headed out....
a quick 2 hour drive.
As we were driving down the street 5 minutes from the resort, Addison started moaning that her mouth hurt.
10 minutes later we were at the pharmacy and found out she had 101 fever.
We tried lunch to and Urgent Care hoping for ear infection, but no such luck.
It became very apparent we needed to head home......2 hours turned into 3 hours back as we stopped a few times for the poor girl to get sick.

Happy Mother's Day.

Thankfully, it was only a 48 hour virus and (knock on any wood I can find), the rest of us never got sick.
So we have rescheduled our getaway for this weekend......can't wait!

However, before we leave, I'm going to embarrass myself participating in this little event tomorrow.

Should be fun!  
And now you're caught up on the here and now.


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