Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer lovin'

I've always loved summer.  But that love multiplied when we moved out here.

The weather forecaster mentioned this morning that we were having "summer like" weather.
Translation: Sunny with a high of 67 degrees.
I never get tired of that.  

Last weekend, Andy and I had the rare occasion of a date just doesn't happen much anymore.
Friends of ours mentioned to us that they were going to hear a cover band of Johnny Cash at a local venue and asked if we wanted to go.

I emailed Andy about it and within minutes had a clear response of "Yes, duh."
and I got the babysitter set up.

We went out for sushi and then stopped at the beach on the way to the concert.
I wanted to check out these tide pools I heard were neat to take the kids to.

Andy stopped here because he didn't feel like doing all the stairs..

and he told me the sunset looked the same up there as it would down here.

This was part of reef that becomes exposed at low tide. 
It's covered with oysters and barnacle and has all kinds of crabs, sea anenome, and starfish in it.
Very cool.....I was a science teacher once upon a time.

On to Belly UP in Solana Beach to see Cash'd Out.
Fun little fact....Belly Up was the place that Prince Harry frequented a few months back.
Thank you People and US Weekly.

Cash'd Out was awesome!! They were so good.
We lasted until 11:15ish....this time I was the wuss.

Monday we broke out the waterslide.  I will say this again.
Best $400 we ever spent.  

Last night Addison had her end of year pre-school picnic.
We have LOVED having Miss Amy.
Addison actually still gets a few days with her since school doesn't actually get out until June 12th.

While Addison was at school today, Graham and I went back to the beach.
He loved it.
Although remember those stairs Andy was standing on back a few pictures.
Graham didn't want to walk back up those and lugging 35 pounds of toddler up that far made up for me skipping the gym this morning.

 We're excited for summer over here.  Planning on living like tourists since we don't have any trips planned.  
 A staycation summer is in store.

And we can't wait.



The Montgomerys said...

great pictures!

stacy bostrom said...

beautiful photographs melissa -- esp that first one of swamis!