Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dude, I think that's Spiderman!

Last weekend we got to celebrate Logan's birthday superhero style.
Graham rolled out of bed and came in his pajamas.....literally.
Well, truth be told, he woke up 5 hours before the 10am party....such as life, lately.

 The kids were having a blast and Karen of course nailed the party to a T with all the details, but it got REALLY exciting when Spiderman showed up.

 Especially exciting for Joy, apparently.
Ahem, Joy.

Spiderman was of course there to greet the birthday boy, himself.

  All the kids were completely taken with him.

And then Logan and Brayden started to see that Spiderman looked a little familiar.


Brayden gave him a little "atta boy".

One of my favorite parts was hearing "Spiderman" real the Superman story.
He would stop to interject his own opinions on how Superman was not really the greatest super hero of all time, reminding the kids that this story was a little biased and written from Superman's point of view.

Spiderman was stuck in his costume a little longer than expected thanks to a broken zipper
Luckily, he's a superhero, so he can figure that kind of thing out.....after calling for 10 minutes for his wife to come rescue him.  =)

Thanks Dassos for such a great party...
Happy Birthday Logan!


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