Thursday, June 7, 2012

I HART fun.....especially with these people

We stuck with the theme we started on Saturday (see previous post) and headed to a mimosa brunch for Sunday.
The kids did awesome and us adults just got to talk, eat, and drink.  

 Then we did the token drive up to Mount Soledad that never gets old.....
even on a hazy day.  The kids weren't very impressed by the view but loved running around and burning off some energy from lunch.

 Even on a hazy day you can see so much of the takes my breath away every time.
Graham liked pointing out the "castle" he passes by on the 5....otherwise known as the Mormon temple.....but does happen to look very much like a beautiful castle.
 Graham and Eloise have bonded in their own little way this trip.
I can tell this girl is going to be a great babysitter one day.  She loves "quizzing" him and he just thinks she pretty much hung the moon.
Plus I love hearing "Ewowise" all the time.
 After some sight seeing from the highest point, we drove down to sea level again.
 We took them to the Children's beach in La Jolla which has been overtaken by seals in the past few years.  It's really incredible how close.....WAY CLOSE you can get to these guys.

 After we wore em down at the beach, it was time for "swim lessons" in the spa.
 and then another happy hour.

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