Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last day of school

Summer is officially here, with school ending yesterday.
We were so blessed to have such an amazing teacher this year with Miss Amy.
Addison LOVED her.  She has set the bar very high for years to come.

The parents were invited to attend a little "promotion" where Miss Amy shared the kids' answers to some questions she had asked them. 
She also shared a "you are special" poster (not pictured) that we had put together way back in August.

I caught my breath when I realized there was a big 'ol picture of Harley under Our Family.
I was waiting for Addison to call me out in front of her whole class that Harley went to live with a new family.  Thankfully, she held her tongue.

For the blog book and grandparents, here are her answers to the questions.

Her favorite color is yellow. (Today it is orange. Yesterday it was grey).
Addison's favorite inside activity is playing with cars and princesses. (well rounded)
Her favorite outside activity is soccer, sliding and running.
When Addison was asked about growing up she said, No, she wants to be a kid forever.  (love that!)


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