Thursday, July 5, 2012

Downtown in a Day

Andy and I are trying to check things off our summer bucket list...and enjoy San Diego for all it is.
I can't believe that we've been here almost 2 years!

We decided to make a day of a little ride on a train and took the Coaster downtown.
The kids were pumped to ride on the train, but despite all the excitement, when I asked Addison what her favorite part of the day was during prayers that night, she told me..."eating VG's donuts".

Yeah, they are that good.

We boarded the 8:51 train and were on our way.

 We went through Solana Beach, Del Mar, Old Town, and finally ended up at Sante Fe Station.

First stop was Little Italy's farmer's market....something I've wanted to do for a while.
I loved it!

Not a bad view either....

 After some time at the Farmer's Market, the juiciest peach I've had in my entire life, a stop at Burger Lounge, and a quick stop in to my hair dresser (who just happens to be in Little Italy).
 I may or may not have planned this entire day around that (something Andy may or may not realize yet)...

We were off to Seaport Village

and Graham was ready for a little snooze.

They had random vendors and things to look at...
including a guy who balanced rocks.
No tape, or anything to help them stay he claimed....

 We walked by MidWay and decided that one for for the next trip down the Coaster....

  and realized we still had 2.5 hours to burn before the next train.....the only downfall of this great idea.
So we stopped for Gelato

Gelato only takes so long to eat.
Andy and I were trying to figure out how on earth we were going to entertain these kids for another hour and half.
I suggested we go down a street we hadn't yet and we happened upon this little gem.

And that $3.00 was the best money we spent all day.  
The kids loved it.
Addison wanted to make sure that Graham was buckled in on the ancient fire truck.

 The had fun pulling the alarm....
 and just taking in all the really cool things there were to look at.
This place was awesome.

 They even had an extra playroom for the kids, like looking at really cool fire trucks wasn't enough.

Everytime I tell Addison to make a silly face, this is what she gives me.

And not a minute too soon it was finally time to catch the Coaster back home.
We were all wiped.

 But will definitely be doing this again....just maybe catching an earlier train home.


Emily Joy said...

What a GREAT outing! You are inspiring! If you do it again you could always add a little ferry ride (15 min) to Coronado. You can walk to the boat from the train station. That is on my bucket list :)

The Montgomerys said...

Love great family days! Looks like you guys had a blast:)

Shondra from Dwellable said...

Great pictures! And it looks like you guys had a blast and did so much in just one day.

I'd love to feature this post on our San Diego-based site. Email me for details! :)

shondra (at) dwellable (dot) com