Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Youngest

I was clearing some pics off my camera the other day and found some that mostly centered around my youngest kid.  

He is a total puzzle prodigy.  This one he's doing in this pic takes him about 45 seconds.  
When I get up in the morning and come downstairs (because I might catch a few more minutes of shut eye after he wakes up), I find 3 or 4 48 piece puzzles completed all before breakfast.
Addison just likes to watch him, but will sometimes join in.
When he asks me to help him, I try, but he usually ends up saying, "no mommy, not there, right here", and takes it from me to complete it on his own.....all from upside down.

 He lights up whenever he sees his daddy and wants to help him with whatever task is at hand.
Like fixing Addison's chair......which is still unfixed by the way....even though I've got two handy men at home, I think I'm going to have to hire that one out.

 We've been working on riding bikes and scooters a little bit.  
Addison is awesome on the scooter, and Graham is catching on quick.
She's trying to get the hang of the balance bike now so she can go faster on her other "big girl bike".

 check out that determination

After doing the math the other day, I realized that "little man" is now older than Addison was when we moved out here almost 2 years ago.  I wasn't going to start him in pre school until next year, but have started to consider lately just how far from now that is.

When I picked up Addison from a little camp at the school on Monday, I decided to go ahead and get him on the wait list for January.  Well as it turns out, there was ONE spot that had opened up in three year old class at the same time slot as Addison.

After talking it over with Andy we decided that getting him in now could only help, and it would also give me some "office hours" so I'm not up editing photos every night (I think he wants his wife back)....
so I signed him up on Tuesday for the 3 year old class on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9-2.  That means that he'll actually be in school longer than Addison was this year.

There are a few "hiccups" in this plan.

Graham is not even close to 3.  Nor does he really act like 3.

He is a total wreck without a nap by 12:30.

And maybe the biggest hiccup of all.....

he will need to be potty trained before starting in September.

Let potty training boot camp begin.


Mary said...

haha!! good luck graham (and melissa!!) :)

Emily Joy said...

OK, the puzzle thing is beyond amazing! I think he should be on Ellen or something like that :) Wow!