Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ellen - check it off the bucket list

So about two months ago, I got the best email ever from my friend, Shannon.
She was so sweet to remember that at one time we had discussed our mutual love for Ellen.
I had mentioned going to her show was at the top of my California bucket list.
Well, how awesome is she for wanting to help me check it off?!

She had a family friend who helped her get tickets, and I was so appreciative and jumped at the chance to take a ride with her, Heather, and Carrie to Burbank.
I am such a rule follower.  I had wanted to bring my phone in the studio so badly to get some pictures, but worried that I'd get sent back to my car with it, so I left it behind.
Luckily, Heather brought hers and was kind enough to share some pics, because this kind of day must be documented, you know?

Here we are waiting to get into the "rif raff" room, where they line you up to enter the studio.
I had picked the brain of my friend Annie, and veteran Ellen attender, to find out the scoop on what to wear.  If you're interested....bright colors, and a shirt that doesn't lift when you raise your arms.
I was on a mission for my 15 seconds of fame.
Mainly, because I had no shame and wanted to get called up to do a crazy game and win some loot.

When it was finally time to enter the studio, her staff directs you where to sit.  Time to get my game face on and smile big!  He pulled us down in front to THE ROW.  The row she dances down....and you know this is THE ROW because it's twice as wide as any other row.  I was so excited, so I started to go in the aisle, and then the guy pointed at me and said, "No. You're right there."....putting me right on the aisle seat.
THANK YOU bright blue shirt.

This girl might get some camera time.

Then we waited and took lots of goofy pics.....we were slightly's ELLEN!!!!

And then it was showtime.

Ellen came out and did her monologue, and then the dancing began.
How fun is that?
(This show aired last Monday)

The whole experience was amazing...
and then it turned EPIC.

They told us that we were going to be filming two shows....only one show they just needed us for the opening monologue and dancing...because why wouldn't you want these mad dancing skills?

Well there was a lot of stand up, sit down, make some noise moments.
I guess Ellen thought she should give us something to keep us excited....not that I needed anymore excitement....but I will take it because....


to 12 DAYS of GIVEAWAYS!!!

We pretty much fell on the floor with excitement.  We will going back for another show they will tape in December....and getting to take home what I'm sure will be some fabulous goodies.

So her plan worked....were were pretty pumped up for the entire second show (which aired last Wednesday)

and here is where I learned a big lesson for next time.

I suck at dancing. 
 You never look nearly or even a fraction as cool as you feel when actually doing it.

 But who really cares because we got to get jiggy with Ellen!!!!!  


Sarah Hart said...

SO FUNNY. love the screen shots. LOL.

Mary said...

so funny! love all those pictures! can't wait to hear about your next visit!

Becky Fenn said...

That is so cool!!! Can't wait to hear about your next show!!!

Lacey said...

That's awesome Melissa!!! What a blast! Can't wait to see what kind of goodies you get in December!!

the deKorne family said...

can't articulate my jealousy in words, but SO SO EXCITED for you!!! :)

Alicia S. said...

That is so freaking awesome! I have no words!