Saturday, October 27, 2012

GIrls weekend

This month has been full of absolutely wonderful and exciting events....not the least of them was the weekend two of my dearest friends flew out to visit from Houston.
Andy was kind enough to give me an "off duty" card for three days and we had the best girls' weekend.

The three amigos, Sheila, myself, and Kat

We ate at a bunch of great places you would never go to with kids,
drank coffee while it was still hot, and got a lot of shopping in.
It was pure perfection.

One of the best parts was seeing my friends get some time with my kids.
Sheila was like Addison's other mom in Houston, so I loved getting to see her have some time with G as well.  Now if I could just get to Houston so I could hug on Sheila's and Kat's makes my heart ache to miss out on seeing them grow.
It really doesn't get any better than when you have friends who are like family....can I hear an Amen!?

We went for a beautiful hike.
And by hike, I mean we walked up the hill from the car and ate our donuts while taking in the view.

The last day they were here, Andy played taxi cab and took us wine tasting.
Husband points earned.

 And then Kat and Sheila asked  if they could put the kids to bed.
I saw this on the monitor and had to go upstairs to document....still warms my heart to see.
We are hoping to make it back to Houston in March or April to hug on their families and spend more time reconnecting.  It was one of the best and shortest weekends I've had in a long just went too fast.

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Sarah Hart said...

LOVE that last pic. Sweet friends. And I'm so proud of my brother for being the winery DD/enabler! Woo-hoo for great hubbies!