Monday, May 13, 2013

Carlsbad Flower Fields

A couple of weeks ago I finally took the kids to the Flower Fields.  They are one of the great things Carlsbad is known for, and for three years I've driven by them during March and April and tried to steal  glances while flying, 70 on the freeway.

We finally parked the car, paid the admission and went in.
The kids LOVED it, so much more than I thought they would.  I think those people at the flower fields know what they're doing by providing a little "passport" for the kiddos.  They have to find all of the spots on the map while at the fields and put the special stamp on it.  It's the little things.
We spent over an hour there, although 20 minutes of that hour was us being stuck in the maze.
That flower maze is no joke.  I was praying nobody would have to go to the bathroom.

The pictures don't really do this place justice and we went when the sunlight was unforgiving, but it was amazingly beautiful.



Emily Joy said...

Beautiful! Isn't that place great!?!?

The Montgomerys said...

one of these years i will need to go!