Thursday, May 9, 2013

Like Family

Our last leg of our Houston trip had us with the Cockes.  Sheila and Sam were both in our wedding and  are pretty much family.  Before our move, it was quite common for one of us to call the other for dinner and be like, "what are you having for dinner? ....ok, coming over", with kids in tow.

That made our kids become like family.  Beckett and Addison were buds since birth and I hate that now they may only see each other once a year.  But just like when you get back together with great friends after a long time away, you pick up right where you left was the same for our kids and I loved getting to see that!

We did just that, went back to "normal".  We hung around the house, picked up Chuys, ate cupcakes, and played outside.  It was awesome.

and this picture just kills me!  Beckett is totally feeling my pain sometimes as this girl can literally TALK YOUR EAR OFF.

and I pretty much just want to eat this little guy up!  Davis is completely adorable.
 Cupcakes were a big hit with everyone.

and some instagram love....

Chuy's creamy jalapeno
 love this picture!  Their faces kill me.  Birthday celebration number 6 if anyone is still counting.

 Heading home....
 and wiped out.
Amazing, amazing trip.  Addison has said, "I miss Texas" about 100 times since we returned.
She also says she's hot when she goes outside and it's 70 degrees.
I might be doing my kids a disservice by only going back to Texas in March every year.


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