Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Woodlands, as told through the Iphone

There is nothing like going "home".  The community where we lived in Houston was just that.  There is nothing like The Woodlands, especially when you have memories of great neighbors, friends, an amazing church, starting your marriage there, and having your babies.  

When the time comes for us to move back to Houston, I know I will have such mixed feelings about leaving San Diego.  I can honestly say that San Diego is home now.  We've been here almost three years, have amazing friends and have fallen in love with almost everything California including the weather, the beautiful scenery, the beach, and the salsa....yes, the salsa,... don't get me started.

But knowing, that it's pretty realistic to say we won't be here forever, when the time comes to go back to Houston, I PRAY that we will be able to find a home in The Woodlands that will make Andy forget about the hour commute.  Ugh.  
Seriously, I know two people (that I met out here and live here) that are moving to The Woodlands this summer, and I'm jealous.  Not because I want to leave here, but because they get to go THERE.
That's how much I love that place.
Now I'm done.

So part of our trip back to Texas found us in our old neck of the "Woods" as much as time would allow.  Whether it was meeting friends for a playdate.....

or meeting Andy's parents for dinner (who went out of their way to drive from Oklahoma to see us!)

where we celebrated the birthday girl yet again....
and then enjoyed the Waterway a bit

While we were there we went back to our old neighborhood and had so much fun catching up, and then like old times, everyone headed to the park.  And Graham made the best of it, secure in his manhood enough to rock pink....because you do what you've got to do.


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