Monday, August 19, 2013

1st Day of Kindergarten

So before we get to the big day, a few pics of how we spent our last day of summer....where we spent most of our summer, the pool.  Because if I didn't get them off my phone once in a while, you wouldn't see them and more importantly I'd run out of memory.

Addison started Kindergarten today.  Five and a half years ago, this day seemed forever away, but that calendar kept turning and today we found ourselves here.  This girl was more than ready.

I was so excited for her, but a few tears were shed....most of them last night when we read that wonderful/darn book, "The Kissing Hand".  Don't read that book to your baby the night before they start Kindergarten unless you want to do the ugly cry and have your five year old ask you if you're going to be ok.

When Addison went to the gym last week, one of her sweet teachers in the childcare area asked her if she was excited to start Kindergarten.
She replied, "Yes, but mom is freaking out."
A little true.

She of course knew it was just because I was going to miss having her with me, not that I didn't totally think she was ready because she IS.

Last Thursday we walked up to her school to find out and meet her teacher.
It was a quiet walk for her.
I think she was more nervous than she led on.

But once she met the teacher and saw her classroom (as well as a couple familiar faces of friends), she couldn't stop talking about starting school all weekend.

I have prayed for her teacher and this school year for months.
I asked God to provide the best teacher for her and place some sweet friendships in her life this year.  I of course gave God my own list of preferences for teachers and faces to be in her room, but knew that his plan was better than my own, whatever that may be, so I really tried to give it over to him.

When we went up to school on Thursday to find out her teacher and see who would be in her class, truth be told, I may have been more nervous than Addison.  And if I were to tell you that one of us shed tears, it shouldn't have been the one who's old enough to know they need to keep a smile on their face (or the one whose husband may have told her she needed to get it together for the sake of her daughter).

God had answered my prayer.  Not taking most of my preferences into consideration, but what do they matter, really?  His plan is always best.

I was basing my preferences on a 20 minute walkthrough tour done in January.
God observes 24/7.  He knows the exact place for my sweet girl.
He even cares to provide kind words from friends and parents to ease my own concerns.

He even provides a friend for me as well to share this journey with....because we all need friends our first year of school.  =)

 So as we loaded up the backpack that was just about as big as Addison

and walked the 0.3 miles to school (which let's be honest, I may drive most days)
I knew we were both ready.

Her teacher was kind enough to invite the parents into class to hear that precious/darn story of The Kissing Hand before kissing our Kindergarteners goodbye.

and Graham was kind enough to provide plenty of distraction so that I not get too weepy in front of my girl.

And even though some of our sweet friends are in different classes this year, Addison still got to see them at lunch (and was excited to see that they have the same sense of first day fashion).

And tomorrow we get to do it all over again.


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