Sunday, August 11, 2013

Breck Part 1

How's this for being on top of things?  I'm actually writing a blog post about something that happened within the last week!
We spent 4 days in Colorado this past week with Andy's family in Breckinridge.  Everyone loved it so much that we're already planning on going back next year and staying longer.  It was so beautiful and pretty much the perfect place to spend a summer family vacation.

Here's the view from part the amazing house Andy's parents rented.

The kids got right down to the business of playing and catching up with cousins, while the adults got down to the business of drinking wine.  

See these rocks that Graham and Owen are playing on?
These are the same rocks that Andy saw a BEAR on the very next day.
 Yes, I said BEAR.
 The house was huge and was so perfect to accommodate everyone.
There were two identical sides that connected from the inside and the kids had fun running up and down the stair while the adults huffed and puffed and tried to get used to the 11,000 foot altitude change.

Our first full day was spent hiking and exploring.

 Uncle Mark is a fan favorite of the cousins.

While Andy and I took little man back down (he was a pretty good trooper for 3), the older kids continued on.  

And us adults recovered nicely with some adult time in downtown Breckenridge before taking on white water rafting the next morning.

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