Monday, August 26, 2013

Breck: The People

Still catching up as always.  Let's go back to Breckenridge, CO.....seems like way too long ago we were there with school already starting, but it was not even three weeks ago.
I want to go back tomorrow.

Colorado is a beautiful place to visit (and my preference would be summer), but the main reason this trip happened was to reconnect with family. 
Andy's family is so spread out.....over 5 states from west coast to east coast and in between, that we needed an excuse to get everyone in the same place.

We even got to meet this adorable little guy.  Conner is so adorable, and it was fun to finally have all the cousins together.

 Addison LOVED spending time with her girl cousins, Iris & Eloise.
Here we were taking a gondola up the mountain.

The entire crew.

JB & Lois and all five kids.

 We are so grateful for these two and thankful that our kiddos got some great time with Papa and Grandma.
 Andy, Sarah, and Mark
 Andy, Sarah, Mark, Matt, and Lisa

Addison loved getting to see her beloved Uncle Mark, whom she ADORES.

And hey, we even got a family pic!

 Shut the front door, we got two!!

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