Friday, April 9, 2010

2 Years Ago Today..

We met you.

Addison, you have brought more joy to your mommy and daddy than we could have ever thought possible. These two years have flown by so quickly. When I opened up my email this morning, I got an update titled, "Your pre-schooler, 2 Years, Week 1". Where did the time go?

You are no longer my baby or even my little toddler anymore, but such a beautiful, smart, sometimes stubborn, but lovely all the same little girl.

Here is a look back at the best two years of my life.

And here is what you've been up to recently.

You are such a GREAT big sister and love Baby Graham. The first thing you say when I come get you in the morning is his name, and you want to go check on him if he's still sleeping before you go downstairs. I love that!
You are all girl. You love your accessories and insist on picking out your clothes. I have started to try and give you choices to make it a little easier for all of us. You want things YOUR way. I know that whatever I want, you will choose the opposite, so I've taken to saying, "Let's wear this one...knowing full well you'll refuse and pick the other one (which is the one I really want you to wear)...mommy's sneaky like that. But sometimes it doesn't always work.....
You LOVE to color, draw, paint, anything like that. You now know all your colors, most of your letters, since Letter Factory is one of your favorite shows, some shapes, and can count to 10....if you feel like it but not if someone asks you don't like being put on the spot!

Mom and dad think you're pretty adorable.

You are an ELMO LOVING fool. I have started to avoid any aisle in Target, Wal-Mart or Toys R US that he could be on because we would never get out of the store.

You absolutely LOVE being outside and want to slide, play with Harley, go in your house or the park every day. Enjoy it now sister because summer is coming....

You are such a gift and blessing to both your daddy and I. We love you so much. Happy Birthday Addison!!!

2 Year Stats:

28 pounds 6 ounces (75%)
35 3/4 inches (90%)


Mary said...

love all the pictures - i just can't believe she's 2! i remembered so many of those from previous posts. she is growing up to be a beautiful little girl!!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Addison. I agree with your mommy that you are adorable!

The Yartym's said...

Happy Birthday, Addison!

The Manuel Family said...

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Lacey said...

Happy Birthday sweet Addison! I am so happy we were able to help you celebrate today!!!

I loved seeing all the pictures. I remember when you first found out you were pregnant with her. My how time flies!!

the deKorne family said...

i remember the pregnant phone call late at night too :) so excited then and still now! she is gorgeous and i cant wait to see party pictures! happy birthday addison!

Kimberly said...

Wow, time really does fly by! How on earth is she already 2?! I loved looking at all of the old pictures! Happy Birthday Addison!

Becky Todd said...

Happy Birthday, Addison! What a wonder woman your mommy is! I hope she is relaxing from her crazy busy weekend! Melissa, everything was AMAZING! LOVE the cake balls...mine won't last a week in my freezer! The pictures are so beautiful! :)