Monday, April 12, 2010


I sat down on the couch yesterday, exhausted after everyone left, and was able to just breathe for the first time in a week. This weekend was such a whirlwind, but so much fun.


Addison's birthday was Friday, and we started the day off with blueberry muffins in the "big girl" chair. She clapped for us after we finished singing...which was generous.

Getting ready to blow out the candle
Beckett and Sheila came over in pajamas to celebrate with us. I love this little guy so much. We told Beckett to give Addison a hug, and this is what we got.
This was our attempt at a group shot with the timer on the camera. Addison thought this was the worst idea ever. Beckett's face kills me.
I bribed her with some "m's" to see if we could get a shot of them. I love that bribery is beginning to work. I have no qualms about using it.
Then we headed to Market Street to play in the park before grabbing lunch at Berryhill.

Followed by TCBY...the first of way too much sugar for one weekend.
After nap we got dressed to go meet daddy and grandma, papa, and cousin Iris for a birthday dinner. I decided to let her sample my cake balls. I just handed her one and she immediately yelled "cookie monster", so I took that as a good sign that I had at least made the guy recognizable. Then I thought....I wonder if she is going to think this is sac-religious to bite the head off of her beloved Elmo or cookie.....
Not a problem...
So stubborn in front of the camera to give a smile, but cute nonetheless.

She loved Johnny Rockets
especially the ice cream. If you're keeping track of sugar intake...stop....we're way over.


was the day of the party...sesame street style

I had checked the weather about 20 times the week before since we were having it at the park and TWC assured me that it was going to be a gorgeous sunny day perfect for the park.

So you can imagine the words that might have slipped out of my mouth when I woke up Saturday to rain.

An hour later I was reminded that kids don't really care.
And they had a blast anyways.

Here were my cookie monster balls. They took way too much time but are crazy delicious.

Andy insisted that I pick him up a shirt when I went to Kohls that morning. I don't think he realized that they were in the girls junior section, but he sported it anyways. Thank goodness he wore the button up because I don't think he could have pulled off the cap sleeves.
Birthday girl

Getting a hug from Nana
Cute little J
Addison was pretty jealous of Hadley's shirt. She looked adorable.
Graham was wide eyed the whole time taking everything in

Time for the important stuff.

Do you think Jackson enjoyed his cupcake?

When we got home and after Addison recovered with a 3 hour nap, we opened presents. The water slide was from mommy and daddy...and she freaked out
Loved it! Too bad it was 60 degrees outside. My mother's instinct took over after about 10 minutes and I had to wrestle her out of it. She threw a tantrum for a good 30 minutes. At least we knew it was a hit.

Winding down the day...

Graham's baptism.

I told you the weekend was a whirlwind.

The crutches are a nice touch, don't you think? One week down...eleven more to go.

And then Sunday night we figured why not try feeding Graham his first cereal?
Hand me a fork because I could eat him up...

and you then you can stick that fork in me...
because I. am. done.



Lacey said...

Cute post. Loved all the pictures. Can't wait to come play on the waterslide..(hint...Hint..) :) And I can't believe you attempted a baptism on a birthday weekend. You are officially my idol. :) The party was great and cake-balls were YUMMY!! Never knew Andy was wearing that shirt- hilarious!! Glad it was a great weekend!!

See you soon!

Shannon K. said...

Happy Birthday sweet Addison! I am loving all the pictures and am particularly cracking up over the "cap sleeve" comment! LOL! And that waterslide...WOW! That's huge! You all are going to have a blast this summer!

sarah said...

SUPERWOMAN! color me impressed!

Keri DesAutels said...

Wow! What a weekend. Looks like fun! Love all the pictuers. Very impressed with the cake balls! Andy's shirt cracks me up! The water slide looks like tons of fun. Does it hold adults too?!? we will have to get one of those when Sage gets older. I hope to meet Graham at Desmonds party this month!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Such a fun party. My girls never really liked Elmo, but, Cash is becoming obsessed with him!!! This may be a great party idea for him in the coming years. Oh, and I think you need to have a neighborhood party to break in that slide. HA! :)

Callie said...

oh it breaks my hear that we missed this party!!! Carson would have LOVED to be there. And girl, just reading your post makes me tired! Slow down :)! Love you!