Monday, April 26, 2010

Loving it

There is one baby stage that gets me every time. I LOVE when they find their feet. It's the cutest thing. This age...that 4-6 stage is awesome. Because he's finally sleeping through the night, right?

Well, no...

But he's just so sweet, cooing, laughing, entertaining himself with a single toy for 30 minutes, and NOT GOING anywhere. I'm loving it.

Little chubby feet and hands. Stop getting bigger. Stop it.

We had family come out this weekend and had so much fun enjoying the gorgeous Houston weather. Won't be saying that much longer....stop getting hotter...stop it.

Except that if by chance it does continue getting hotter, than perhaps we'll just have to break out the water slide a little more. Loving it.
Aunt Sarah and the sweetest baby ever.
Cousin cute in her pink swimsuit.
Take a look at droopy drawers. The top is tiny, tiny, but the bottoms are just falling off of her. She obviously does not get these proportions from me.
Almost able to climb up herself.
And then crutch man dad took over the process of putting everything away. Gave directions while hobbling around the backyard. Stop it.
No seriously, stop it!! Are you kidding me...please don't hurt yourself again....ever.
Look at that intensity.
Speaking of intensity....Addison didn't know what was going on with dessert. We sent Uncle Mike to the store to get ice know, like regular good 'ole vanilla ice cream to go with....
cupcakes from that new cupcake bakery, Frost. You know you want one. We got 8 so that I could eat 3 and everyone else could eat 1 there was plenty for everybody.
Someone was pretty happy about it.


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sarah said...

this is what happens when i run, don't shower, don't apply makeup, & then sit outside & drink beer all afternoon & evening. yikes. but the kids are way cute!