Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Grandma and Papa came to visit this weekend and it was an extra special Father's Day to get to spend it with them. Addison just squealed as soon as she saw them....and Graham just appreciated the increase in ratio of adults to toddlers/baby meaning extra attention for him.

Of course we pulled the waterslide out.

And I enjoyed trying out some Pioneer Woman recipes that I've been meaning to eat make. I love her. I really do. Andy reminds me that she is from his neck of the woods being from rural Oklahoma. Ok, Ponca City isn't exactly rural, but close.

Anyways, the guacamole was awesome.
And had to throw a couple of pictures of cutiepatootie in there....

Addison led everyone is several renditions of itsybitzyspider.
And Papa and dad watched many hours of the US open....while I found a new obsession....

I finally found a way to turn this blog into a hardback book that I'm so excited about. Check it out, but only if you have absolutely nothing that you need to be doing for the next few weeks. It will suck you in.



Amber said...

Sorry to get you sucked into Blurb! I love it though I try to do about a month at a time so I am not consumed forever!

Mama said...

Love love love Pioneer Woman's recipes - wonderful comfort food!!!

Lacey said...

I do blurb. :) Still haven't finished ONE book and I"m only working on the first 6 months. HAAA! It does take awhile. This is when my ol' laptop would come in handy. :) Hope Andy had a great fathers day. Any news????