Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just Playing Around

Look who's sitting up???

I love this short lived "potted plant" stage.
They can sit up and play but can go anywhere.

He still sometimes prefers to just lounge around though and who can blame him?
Addison is loving reading books, especially with daddy. She is cracking me up...such a little parrot lately. Great accountability by the way.
As I'm typing this at the computer outside her bedroom, I am listening to her yell out, "Melissa!! Can you hear me???!!" Melissa!"
I suppose naptime is almost over.
We had our friends, Georgia, Macie, and Lexi come over to play this morning.
The girls loved playing dress up.

and Graham enjoyed the attention from all the ladies



Lacey said...

Hilarious on her "Melissa..." That girl cracks me up. And I can not believe Mr. Graham is trying to get big. You tell him to stop...he was JUST born.

the deKorne family said...

adorable! such cute pictures. and that name calling sounds familiar. so funny!