Monday, November 15, 2010


I have known from day one that my firstborn was a firecracker.
She has had spunk that has made me want to scream and laugh at the same time.
Case in point today.

She was taunting our dog, Harley, for the umpteenth time.
This has been her favorite pastime lately.
She will run around with a snack or toy, lay on him or even act like she's going to kick at him...

This is not Harley's favorite pastime.
He growls whenever she walks his way now.

So as soon as I see her taunting him again today, I tried to take a deep breath and begin a conversation that I have already had many times with her.

I got down to her level, exhaling slowly, and said in as calm of a voice as possible,

"Addison. Do not tease Harley. Do not even pretend or act like you are going to kick him. He. does. not. like. it. "

to which she replied, just as calmly.

"Mom. What. Is. Your. Problem?"

2 going on 16.
I'm in for it.



Suzanne Watson said...

Ha! Ha! This is exactly why my first reaction to hearing the news "it's a girl" totally freaked me out!

Callie said...

hahaha!!! Love it! I can say that because I know I've got it coming to me...times TWO!!