Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The zoo and the cat's meow

We went to the San Diego zoo today with our neighbors. It was a lot of fun, but we were all completely worn out. I think we just saw about a third of it, and we probably walked up and downhill for about 4 miles. It's huge.

Before I show pics from that...here is my little cat's meow herself. This is mainly for Nana, who bought her the outfit, but she loved it, and I thought looked pretty cute for church on Sunday.
So here we are at the zoo. Miles, is about a year younger than Addison and 7 months older than Graham. They all have a lot of fun with each other.
Cute little Koala...Addison enjoyed this guy....I think she had seen one on a Wiggles DVD about a ganglion times, but never in person.
Taking in the elephants...

Graham took in the views most of the time from the stroller, but loved seeing all of the animals....and started making noises like a monkey when we saw the gorillas.
Um....maybe one of the funniest signs I've ever seen. We stayed out of range.
Audra and Miles looking at the polar bears
Addison is over the stroller. At least there were plenty of places for her to run around in and wear herself out so that all she wanted to do was be IN the stroller.

When the kids were melting down, we stopped for a snack. We got a bag of pirate's booty, a pretzel, and a diet coke. $19
The coke was $12. I'm not kidding. But it came with an extremely cool souvenir cup that I was told I could bring back on my next visit for $1 refill. I'm a sucker.


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Ashley McWhorter said...

So happy that you are getting out, having fun, and taking in all that your new area has to offer. That is awesome! I know it will make a world of difference to the move.