Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sea World

Man, we were productive today!

G woke up at 6:10am (highly unusual) ....very excited to see what time he wakes up tomorrow after we add an hour into the mix. Anyways, we were up, got breakfast, ran errands, picked up coffee, and headed out for our first of many excursions to Sea World.

We were some of the first ones in the park so we got to watch the flamingo parade, go to Wild Arctic, were up close and personal with the penguins, saw the show Blue Horizons, rode Elmo's flying fish, and Abby's spinning starfish, then got the heck out of there.....all before noon!!

The kids had a blast, and we will be going back many times, I'm sure. They were having a special where you buy a season pass, and get the 2nd year free. So basically for the price of two visits, you get 2 years of visits. Yea for being a local!!

Here are some pics of our fun morning....

Flamingos strutting their stuff
G taking it all in

Addison refused the stroller, and after having her walk on her own for about 5 minutes, this proved to be a better mode of transportation for all involved.
Addison loved the polar bears and pretty much all of the animals in the arctic exhibit.
This guy was huge. Seriously, I had no idea walruses were even close to this big. The pic doesn't do him justice.
This might give you a better idea. He went right up to Addison in the glass, and maybe you had to be there, but it freaked my freak as Ellen would say.
Blue Horizons...pretty amazing, felt like we were at the circus on water.

My two favorite boys
Lucky me, Addison decided she wanted to ride Elmo's flying fish with me. You can see my feigned enthusiasm was overshadowed by her lack there of.
Little too young for the rides, but still looked cute.
She loved the teacups or starfish, or whatever they were called. She loved these. Figured. Daddy rode this one with her.

In other happenings...

We are totally unpacked.
The "to do" list only has a couple of things left.

I went to a cooking club of a mom's group that's in the area and actually had a lot of fun. I earned some brownie points with them because they had never even heard of the Pioneer Woman. You're welcome, La Costa moms.

Our neighbors, Brad and Audra, invited us over for dinner tomorrow night....the ones from Halloween. This is good, because it means they like us enough to want to hang out with us again. This is also good because they are the only other couple on our street under the age of 50.


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