Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Camping at the beach

A few months back some of the dad's started planning a camping trip.
They wisely decided this would be a guys only trip, but even better, decided to include the kids.
I was TOTALLY supportive of this.
Us girls showed up to bring the pizza and s'mores supplies, take some pictures, and then kissed the boys and oldest kids good night.

We did get to all hang out and enjoy the sunset, which was gorgeous as always.

Pizza came from Giant Pizza, and they weren't lying was huge.

Graham's car obsession has carried over to airplanes now. Ever since that tour we took of Palomar airport a few weeks ago, the boy points out every plane he sees or hears.

He loved getting to run around with the big kids, and when I wasn't tackling him to ensure he didn't run head first into the ocean, he was a piece of cake.

Trina, Kurt & Margeaux joined us. We had just picked them up from the airport a few hours earlier, and so they were kind of forced to "camp" for an hour or so before we went home and crawled into warm, DRY, clean beds.
I don't think they minded.

It's so funny to watch boys vs. girls.

The boys loved nothing more than diving head first into the sand, while the girls preferred to construct neat sand castles and wanted to wash off their hands as soon as they were done.
Another example of the boys' love of sand
The youngest ones had fun playing and then we took them home to dry cribs.
Partly for their benefit, but mostly for the benefit of their dads.
Multi-tasking at its finest.
Reason #4, 285 why I really like living here.

And then, it was time for the moms to leave and the real camping to begin.
"See you later suckers dads!"

But if camping really is your thing, which it IS SO NOT mine....
What better place to camp, than here?



Lacey said...


Ashley McWhorter said...

So fun!! So, how did it go? Did they make it all night????

The Montgomerys said...

i am so glad we aren't campers! and i am so grateful for men that are:) you got some awesome shots! i was laughing at the suckers line! you are a riot! thanks for the laugh:)