Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We love visitors!

It's been almost a year to the day that we've lived here now in San Diego.
I've said it before, but one of the perks about living here is that people actually WANT to come and visit you. I mean, I would hope that the appeal of spending quality time with the Parsons would be enough to tempt those friends to get on a flight with kids, but who am I kidding?
It helps to have things like the beach, Sea World, a really cool zoo, Legoland, & Disney on our side.

Last week, our old neighbors, The Kemmerly's came out for a long weekend.
We squeezed a whole lot in just a short amount of time.
I borrowed some of these pictures from Kurt, and love that he shared them...especially this one.
Doesn't this face just say, "stinker"....I mean, cute stinker of course.

I almost peed my pants when I saw this one.
What is Miss Sass doing?
Holy cow this girl...

Addison had an absolute blast hanging out with Margeaux for four days.

Another way to see the zoo....
This helps, since we have seen it 15 times since we've been here.
I kid you not. We have more than gotten our money out of our annual pass.

Then on Sunday we headed off to Disneyland.
It was so fun seeing the whole place decked out for Halloween.
Not so fun dealing with "fall break" crowds.

The Kemmerly's treated us to Breakfast with Minnie, which was so fun.
Addison was all about seeing the characters.

Graham wasn't so sure....

I mean, to the guy's credit, I've never introduced him to Winnie the Pooh, so for all her knew this was just a really tall creepy yellow bear who didn't talk.

Dale from Chip n Dale played a little hide & seek, and Graham started to warm up.

Addison really enjoyed Minnie. When we went last year for her birthday, she honestly didn't even know who Minnie or Mickey were.
But we've racked up a lot of hours of Mickey Mouse clubhouse since then,
so she was well prepared.

We plowed through naptime.

another "celebrity" sighting

spent some time at California Adventure

and while not the most natural smile, we're working on it.
Instead of her saying "cheese", she is now just "showing me her teeth"
Whatever works.

Graham was a little overwhelmed by Buzz, but at the same time probably trying to figure out which button to push to get him to actually speak.

and then for the real celebrity sighting.
Graham is OBSESSED with Cars.
They are building a "Cars Land" at Disney, but it won't be ready until next summer.
He just saw the sign and went ballistic.
I don't know how we'll ever get him out of the park when it does open.
Since his birthday party this year is going to be cars themed, I though I could maybe snap a quick pic for his invitation.
The bottom picture is what I got when I asked Andy to help me "situate" him.

and looks like I'll still be working on that invite....

riding the Nemo submarine

we had split up with the Kemmerly's the majority of the day so they could do everything on their list. One was visiting the Bippity Boppity Boutique, where Miss Margeaux got made over into Sleeping Beauty. When we met up with them on the bus back to the parking lot, Addison was in awe and just kept telling Margeaux how beautiful she looked. So cute!

We had such a great time with Kurt, Trina & Margeaux.

October is the month for company. Andy's parents got here last Thursday and will be here through Saturday and then my mom comes on Sunday!
We are so thankful that our family is willing to travel....
not just because we miss them so much but more importantly, our kids LOVE getting to spend extended time with their grandparents.
those wonderful grandparents were willing to keep our kids for three days so that Andy and I could get away and spend some much needed time with each other.
It was amazing....post to come soon!


Lacey said...

Ahhh... So fun!!! I know that the Kemmerlys were REALLY excited to come visit you!! What great pictures!!

Emily Joy said...

15 times to the Zoo...and now 3 times to Disney??? You are amazing! Can't wait for your Santa Barbara post. It was great to cross paths with you and think of you boppin' around there all weekend :)