Monday, October 10, 2011

Just the Girls

My blog has had to take a back seat to life lately.
We have had a crazy, busy, but fun few weeks.
I'll be catching up over the next few days, and then my blog might get some love again.

Thursday night Addison and I had a date.
She was very pleased when she found out that it was going to be a "girls only" night,
meaning not Graham, and not daddy.
She made that clear plenty of times.
She became even more pleased when she realized that we were going to the "Disney Show".
Although, you can't so much tell from the smile in this picture.

Ah, love the natural smile. We actually made great strides in this over the weekend.

Onto the show. We had great seats, especially since we got them super cheap!
May have been because it was a 7pm show on a Thursday night.
But then again, we're talking about my kid, so this was not really so much of a problem since sleeping is not one of her favorite things.
It is mine, for the record.

The show was UH...mazing.
If Treasure Trove comes to you, go see it if you're a Disney fan.
It was pretty incredible.

I was picturing a little ice skating to Disney soundtracks.

It was closer to a Broadway show.
Maybe that's a stretch, but remember, I don't get out much, so I was impressed.

And seeing Mickey & Minnie was good prep for the weekend to come....more on that later.

It was great to just have some one on one time with Addison.
I think she was more excited about the show than having deep discussions with mom, but it was so nice to get to talk to her without the crazy distractions of life going on.

When Toy Story comes in January, it may be little man's turn.


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