Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cast of Characters

We got to try out our costumes early this year.
In random order......
The Little Mermaid...
Lightning McQueen
& Justin
Justin Bieber.
"Baby, Baby, Baby...."

Justin was really proud of his outfit.

And I would be a Bieber Fever groupie.
You see those silly bandz?  

Graham was a little embarrassed.
I don't know if it was the site of his parents or the unitard they forced him to wear that did him in.

This cute chick, Amanda, put the entire party on with Tracy.
I thought I liked doing parties, but this girl is amazing.
She thought of every detail....including her Barbie Make Up doll outfit.

We were pretty proud of our outfits, but didn't take the cake by any means.
There were several winners.....
Eric, you did good!

 It was fun seeing the families that dressed in theme.
Star Wars...

The Flintstones
Addison comparing shoes with another mermaid, Eva

Batman & Robin

 Looks like a safari

My son was easy to spot.
He would be the one with the food.
I think he ate about 56 candy corn.
I'm quite sure the "guess the candy corn" game was null and void thanks to this guy.

Annie "Jessie" and I

My two little loves the day before at ANOTHER party thrown by Amanda for her daughter, Autumn.
I think Amanda's going to sleep for three days after this weekend.
 The Montgomery's pulled off Toy Story quite well.

And I really don't know what to say about this pic

Isn't Justin underage?
Just sayin 

 Thanks so much for hosting Amanda & Tracy!  We had a blast.

***I would also like to say that I'm not too sure about this new posting editor****
So confusing getting the pics, captions in order....I think it's back to old school for me.



Ashley McWhorter said...

So fun! I am still "old school" with the whole blog set up. Couldn't handle the new way. The captions and pics thing drove me crazy!

hair tied said...

seriously awesome shots! good times!

Sarah Hart said...

eloise & i LOVE andy's justin beiber costume! mike didn't even recognize him! AWESOME.