Tuesday, November 1, 2011

3rd time's a charm

Last night Addison changed her mind about her costume for the 3rd time.
For 2 months all she talked about was Sleeping Beauty.
This worked out fine because we had her in our dress up drawer.
I did splurge on a crown and shoes.
When they arrived, she decided that Sleeping Beauty was so last week and the Little Mermaid was more her style.
So I bribed her with an Ariel costume to do something that we've been working on for almost a year now.  Details aside, we are now finally FULLY potty trained and she wore Ariel to the party on Saturday.
Then yesterday, she decided she was over that too, and asked for Tinkerbell.

She pulled that one out of the dress up drawer as well, so whatever works.
Justin Bieber was exhausted after wearing his costume all day to work (OH YES, he DID)
so he went incognito to Annie's Halloween party.

The kids had lots of fun burning off some energy before Trick or Treating
Ryder was an alien from Toy Story and I couldn't get enough of his hat.
I don't think he could either.

 Autumn was representing Toy Story as well.

 I had bought Graham's Halloween costume months ago on Ebay and was so excited about it since he has been obsessed with Cars for just about his whole 2 year life.

It just really didn't go over so well.
So luckily, we found a last minute fill in.
He hated this unitard about just as much, but he was pretty much out of luck.

 I know I'm his mom, but I think he's pretty darn cute.
 He has also started to do the au natural "cheese" face.
 I told them to hug each other, so this is contrived, but they really do LOVE each other.
I love how well they play together and when I asked Addison who her best friend was, she told me "Graham".

 And Addison is pretty much Graham's only friend at this point, so that's a good thing.
 Then five minutes later, I caught this one real quick because I hadn't told them to do anything and they were just lovin on each other unsolicited.

 Makes my heart melt a little bit.
I mean, she is loving on him, right?
It kind of looks like a choke hold now that I'm looking at it closer.
 Quick group shot before the trick or treating festivities began
 and then it was game time.

 Hope you guys had a great Halloween!


Lacey said...

Ellie was Addison two years ago. WE ended up with a dress up outfit we had for years, and at that point I did not care. ;0) Looks like you guys have found a GREAT place to raise a family. But we sure do miss you here, and missed you in the "hood" last night. ;0)

stacy bostrom said...

love those low light sun pictures! your photos are adorable :) keep it up!

The Montgomerys said...

you make me laugh! LOVE all these:) your kids are so freaking cute!

Jamie said...

Love all the cute picutres!trings