Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dear Encinitas,

Dear City of Encinitas,

On Friday night, November 4, I ventured out in the rain to join friends for a birthday dinner.  This was a big feat in itself, seeing as how:
(a) I have two small children, and don't get out much.
(b) am still recovering from foot surgery and find it hard to find something to wear that coordinates with a big black ski boot.  My closet and I just can't compete.
(c) it was raining.....and cold....neither of which I am used to anymore.  That, and I'm a wuss.

I pulled into the dark, wet parking lot of 3rd Corner restaurant and tried to decide where I was going to park to avoid traipsing my big black boot through the rain.  I was so relieved to find another car about to pull out of a space about 10 spots away from the restaurant.  

Bingo!  I put on my blinker and waited.  I parked my sweet mini-van, and quickly left, locking my car and hobbled quickly through the rain.  I couldn't seem to find my umbrella because to be honest, I don't know if I own one.  
I met my friends, had a nice birthday dinner, and parted ways to drive home and go to bed.  It was late (9:30), we were tired, remember, we don't get out much.

Well, on my car there was a ziploc bag with a little note on my windshield.  I opened it, to find a $348 parking ticket. WHAT!!!?? $348.  Let me say that again....THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY EIGHT DOLLARS.  

For parking here.

 In a handicap access loading zone.

Herein lies the problem.
Do you SEE anything that would lead anyone to believe that this was not an ok spot to park?

No sign.
No visible lines.
Not even any visible signs that indicate handicap parking in anywhere close to this spot.

Believe me, if I would have known, I wouldn't have parked there.
I feel for those people that find it difficult to walk far.

And I would like to thank my friend, Annie, for having the thought of taking these pictures after I pulled out .
I was a little upset Encinitas.

Looking forward to further discussing this with you.


Lacey said...


Jamie said...

I can't believe it! I'm so sorry! You should definitely fight it!!!

The Montgomerys said...

get 'em! seriously ridiculous!