Monday, November 21, 2011

She makes me laugh

I had to tell a few Addison stories from the weekend that I don't want to forget anytime soon.

Friday night

I decided to take Addison for a mommy/daughter date to Sea World.  Andy was having poker night with the fellas, Graham was going to bed at a reasonable hour, and Sea World was holding a Christmas kickoff party for the season passholders.  Since my daughter does NOT go to bed at a reasonable hour, I figured this would be good fun.

How many season passholders could there be?  I mean, we'll practically have the whole park to ourselves!  Most kids go to bed by 7, right?

Apparently not.

The parking lot was the fullest I've ever seen it and I seriously thought several times about turning around and calling it a night before we even committed to parking.  But since Addison was so excited about Sea World...we had been talking about it for weeks, I figured there was no turning back.

It was cold, dark, and CROWDED.

We rode Elmo's flying fish, waited in line for 3D Polar Express before deciding to try out the new "big" ride Turtle Reef.  She had passed the 40 inch height requirement a few months earlier but because I always had Graham, it was a no go.  The wait for the ride was 30 minutes, and she did great...mostly because she was so excited about riding it.  I kept saying....only two more rides until us....only one more ride until us....she was holding out.

Then the guy wanted to measure her.  I was proud to see her pass the 40 inch mark by a good two inches...why is he even measuring her?  Oh.  Because they changed the height requirement to 45 inches and forgot to tell anyone.  So after waiting in the cold for 30 minutes, the guy tells me she's not tall enough.  He's telling me this and I am a little frustrated.....and her reply is....

"OH NO!!!  I'm  SHORT!!!"

We called it a night and went back to the warm car, driving through Chick Fil A for a milkshake.  I could have skipped Sea World, gone through the drive through, and the girl would have been a happy kid.


I was getting Addison ready for a make up dance class Saturday morning.  While putting on her tights, my daughter who appreciates everything to be in order (much like her father) realized there was a slight pull in her tights.

She started crying and would not let up.  Andy was trying to reassure her that it wasn't that bad, but she kept crying and could not be consoled.

Finally, we asked her...."Addison!  What is wrong??"

She replied, "Now I can't fly like a fairy."

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