Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Back to the good stuff

I've been feeling stressed lately.
It's expected this time of year, but I've been a little convicted about what I've been stressing about.
My stresses include: present buying, gift wrapping, lack of cookie baking or gingerbread house making,
not getting around to doing all the stuff on my Pinterest board labeled "Countdown to Christmas"...

And those are just the stresses and convictions that I feel ok typing.
Ok, I'll put it out there.
I'll admit that I have lost it more than once when Graham's train set has been destroyed by him PLAYING with it.  It's been driving me crazy that the playroom is a wreck and my house is right there with it.  

I've lost it this week with my kids.
LOST it....more than once.
I'm the crazy lady who is yelling at my kids for not picking up their stuff, and to leave me alone for one stinkin' minute so I can spend time on Pinterest finding some "fun activity" we can do together.
Messed up crazy lady.
That's me lately.

So after conviction set in.....
and God had a little heart to heart with me...
I've been a little emotional realizing how QUICKly these kids are growing up.
I'm not getting this time back.
And time with me is what they need.
Not Pinterest activities....although I do love 'em.

So I'm trying to take a step back (away from the computer, for one)
and spend more quality time amongst all the craziness of this time of year.

Last Thursday I dropped Addison off at pre-school and instead of taking Graham on a gagillion errands minus one kid....I took him to the park for some one-on-one time.

We weren't there long...

Because he wanted to go ....

look at this.

 And so G and I walked on the beach by ourselves for a few minutes.
We looked at waves, and really just took in all in.

 And it was the best time I"ve had in a long time.
I know he probably won't even remember it.
But I will.
A lot longer than I will some of the other stuff I've been spending my time on.


Callie said...

I LOVE this post!!!!!! Isn't being a mom the most challenging thing??? You are doing an awesome job! Love you!

Lindsay Wagner said...

Love it....I've been trying really hard to focus on what's important this season, but I still find myself focusing on the "extra" stuff.....thanks for the reminder!!!

Shannon K. said...

Good for you! With all the stress I gave my self a deadline to get all the stressful stuff (ie wrapping, buying, yadda) done by tomorrow so that I can enjoy a week doing fun things with my kids before Christmas. I did it! Looking forward to doing some baking and crafting and park time :) I feel like I never see Katie now that she's in Kinder!!!

The Montgomerys said...

you're great! such a refreshing post:) thanks!