Thursday, December 8, 2011

A girlie right of passage

A few months ago we were still battling one of the last stages of potty training.
I was at my wits end since we started potty training almost a year ago.
I had tried classic bribes.....M&M's, ice cream, little luck.

So I introduced a sticker chart and dangled the reward of getting her ears pierced upon completion.
Andy was supportive, but did question....."don't you want her to be a little older?"
My answer was..."she will be."
It's going to take months to complete this chart (it had 50 stickers).

Well apparently, it only took a couple of weeks.
Bribery at it's finest worked.

And so on Monday, we picked up Andy for a lunch break and headed to the mall.
Addison was excited but as soon as we got into the store, the nerves kicked in.

 Here she is giving me a look when I asked if she wanted me to hold her hand.
She's already embarrassed by her mom and she's 3.
 Getting ready....
 making the marks.
She wanted purple earrings (her current favorite color), but had to settle for pink.
They did use purple mark her ears, so that helped.
 And then it was time!!

 And she barely flinched!  Seriously, this was it.
She's one tough cookie.
Now I will say this is the same girl who will fall on the floor and bawl when her brother takes a toy, but at least for certain things, she's tough.

Pretty ears
And apparently, she also aged 3 years in the process because she looks SO BIG to me in this picture. 

 I think she was still in a little bit of shock.
I told her to smile for me and I got this natural look.
She does LOVE her earrings and wants to show everyone right away.
So we stand one for one with potty training with one more to go.
Might have to figure out some different bribes  rewards for the next child.


Lacey said...

What a big girl!! And my goodness she is tough!!!! They look beautiful!

Jamie said...

Hooray for Sweet Addison!