Sunday, December 4, 2011


Graham turned TWO on Friday and what better way to kick off a birthday weekend (because we always try to stretch birthdays around here), than to have daddy stick around the house and make breakfast?!

 His main birthday gift this year was a Thomas the Train set.

 I got this set almost two years ago at a resale in Houston, and have been so excited to pull it out.
Since it was used, it came with no instructions for set up.  This wouldn't have been too bad, but it had several pieces of sets thrown in, and the detail frettin' person that I am was stressing the night before about how to fit it all together. And why do we have 50 other pieces left over?
Andy assured me that my 2 hours of stressing was wasted time since our two year old would "deconstruct" it in two minutes flat.
I hate to say that my husband was right, but it was a definite waste of two hours on my part.

Yesterday was the party.

Pinterest has done nothing in my effort to simplify.

We introduced a few people to our love of Chick Fil A.
The twenty minute drive requires a little more effort than the 2 minute one in Houston, but those nuggets are always worth it.
 Nuts & Bolts snack mix

 "Leaded fuel" for vintage cars.
And we needed it.  It was so chilly and windy and the hot coffee hit the spot.

 I don't know that I'll ever have a birthday cake again.
Donut cakes (especially those made from VG's)
have a new spot in my heart.
 The donut tower also fit into the theme with "Luigi's spare tires"
and dipsticks...

When Graham arrived, he made himself right at home by the nugget tray.
 And if you were looking for him at any given time during the party, you could probably find him with some kind of food in his mouth.

 Chick Hicks chicken nuggets & Mater's tater chips
 More love for the donut cake

 Digging for the good stuff...
 and when Graham wasn't by the food, he was most likely here.
 The park was great.  I think it would be hard to convince my husband to ever have another kid party at the house because clean up was a snap and there was plenty for the kids to do.
 and no fretting over mess....
so this guy was happy.

 This boy does not love the camera.
Or standing still

 I love that I got this one.
This is the same girl who loves to snatch his toys, 
and get her way with her brother, 
but she can be so sweet sometimes with him.
He wanted nothing to do with her help, however.

 And for my little guy...

Graham, you are one car lovin' * no, CARS obsessin' *juice drinking * big boy bed sleeping * independence seeking * sister following * airplane pointing * food loving *even broccoli eatin' * momma huggin' *goofy face making * show requesting * bull in a china shop runnin' * won't stand still for a picture * slightly slow in talking * but best laugh in the world * donut loving * still referring to your sister as "ASS"....please don't stop this anytime soon * helper lovin' * TWO year old!
And my favorite TWO year old, at that.
We love you Bubbas!

Here are his two year old stats:

Height: 36.5 inches (90%)
Weight: 30 pounds 9 ounces (80%)


Callie said...

absolutely precious!!!! Kills me that we can't be there for e/o's kids parties - one day friend!!!!! great job!!!

Lacey said...

SERIOUSLY ADORABLE!!!!!! Great Job Mama!!! You know how to throw a GREAT party!

Jamie said...


Mama said...

Ummmm wow...can I start hiring you to plan my parties? You are one awesome mama!!!! :)

The Yartym's said...

This is so cute! I love the leaded fuel for vintage cars!!!

hair tied said...

so much fun for all!