Sunday, December 18, 2011

The little lamb

Addison's pre-school had their Christmas program last Thursday.  
Her teacher checked with me a few weeks ago to make sure that we were going to be in town the day of the program because Addison was picked to be the lamb and would stay on stage as part of the Nativity.

I have to be honest and say this surprised me.
Addison is not quite a performer in front of a crowd.  
A few weeks ago when I picked her up from school, the pre-school director was trying on her costume.  
Addison gave me a look, like....."I have to wear this?"

I thought she looked pretty cute but I did have some flashbacks to Ralphie from a Christmas Story coming downstairs in the bunny outfit his aunt sent him...
I think Addison could identify with him a little bit.
I did get her to smile for right before the program started.

Andy came from work to watch and Graham occupied himself on the phone for much of the program.
We talked about buying the $20 DVD of the performance so we could show the grandparents what a cute little lamb we have.
But instead they will have to just enjoy these pics, because I think we'll save the $20 and tell you that she was just a very sweet, QUIET, lamb. 
 Who stood there looking really cute, but was not so much into the singing.
Or the gestures.
Or the costume, for that matter.

 Once her class was done singing, she remained on stage and played the part of the lamb very well.
And then we got to give Miss Amy hugs, wish her Merry Christmas
 and headed to lunch with daddy.
We justified a special lunch out by the $20 saved on the DVD.
Thank you Addison!

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The Montgomerys said...

awesome! love the little kid performances. these make for the best stories!