Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An in Adventureland.

Today I did something I've been meaning to do for a while, but was too scared to.
I took the kids to Disneyland ...wait for it..... 

We started with a healthy McDonalds.

Does it bother anyone else that McDonalds sells 20 McNuggets for $4.99?
That's less than the 10 pack, by the way.
Well it's disturbing, and I have slight mommy guilt because of it.

After lunch, I crossed the first hurdle of parking, and riding the shuttle with double stroller and cute 3 & 2 year old.
So far, so good.

We headed to California Adventure and the ride Addison had been talking about all morning was onto some obstacle course.

 Then it was onto Bugs Land to ride Flyk's Flyers.  Addison was excited.

Until she wasn't.

 Muppet Vision 3D was next.

 Followed by the carousel.....we tried to knock out all the rides that Andy detests.

 And then onto the Tea Cups....
looking brave...
 Addison took over the wheel...
 and Graham was no longer brave.
 A few more rides to go!
 We stopped by to see Rosetta & Tinkerbell before heading out.
All in all, the day went much better than expected!
The kids were WORN out and slept the whole way home.
Nicely done, Disney, nicely done.


Emily Joy said...

Nicely done YOU. That is seriously impressive!!!!

Ashley McWhorter said...

You ROCK! What a fun day! How great that it is so close to you!