Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All smiles....finally!

We are going on DAY 8 of housebound cabin fever.  
We finally got a break yesterday ...not when Graham was diagnosed with Bronchitis, but with the antibiotic that came with it.
Fever is gone, sweet personality is back...except for the fact that he is currently screaming in his room refusing to nap.
But earlier at least, he was finally all smiles.

 and this girl is in a better mood too. 

 But oh goodness, you would not have wanted to be around her a couple of nights ago.
Andy kept saying at the time we needed to get the video camera because her antics were one for the record books.
It all started because Andy told her to get out of the shower.
The nerve...

You know when your words come back to haunt you later?

She was crying like crazy, and Andy told her to get which she responded...


Then he headed downstairs for dinner...without holding her hand.
She stayed at the top of the stairs for a good 25 minutes yelling for him.
Then we heard....

"DADDY!"  "I"ve told you a thousand times....HOLD MY HAND."

Needless to say, he did not hold her hand and little miss took a nice long time out in her room.

But today, we were finally back to smiling around here.
 and venturing outside to play

feeding fish...

and working on getting back to the land of the living.


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Nana said...

It's funny how hilarious those situations are when you're reading about it, but they aren't that amusing when you're the one dishing the discipline!!