Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ringing in 2012

My parents generously scheduled their departing flight on New Year's Day so they could watch the kids while Andy and I got out for some adult time.
Well, I don't know that they did that intentionally, but we sure took advantage of the free & available babysitting on NYE.

This group of beautiful girls that I've been blessed with here love to throw a party.
Especially one with a theme.

We were all just excited to be able to get out on New Year's, but Amanda & Karen took it to the next level with Fondue & New Years around the world.

We were supposed to bring an appetizer and bottle of wine from our assigned country.
Our country was Brazil.
and I am a total slacker.

I printed off a pic of Brazilian wine and taped it to my Malbec.
Hey, at least I got the continent right.
I made a spicy black bean dip from my new favorite cookbook.
But I was at least kind of authentic because Brazil is famous for black beans.
Or so I learned yesterday on Google.

Amanda & Karen of course went ALL out.
I really don't know where they find the time.
Karen has a NEWBORN, I might add.

 They had fun facts from each country that we were supposed to pay attention to so we could attempt to win a fabulous prize basket.
Unfortunately, by the time the game came around, the wine was beginning to take it's toll.
Even my bonus points couldn't help me.

 There was a LOT of laughing though.

 I really don't even want to know what these guys put in the fondue pot to get it going, but they were over here for a while.
 Hard at work
Got it Matt!

 Joy & Karen

 Then it was Andy's turn to take the camera.

 Happy New Year!!!!!
Thank you friends for the best New Years Eve we've had in a long time.
Hope that 2012 brings everyone lots of joy and time with those you love.


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The Montgomerys said...

stew has dubbed this our best NYE ever! so much fun!