Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mommy's time out

Almost two weeks ago (jeez, I'm behind), two sweet friends of mine who are also moms in desperate need of a time out....
took a five hour road trip to VEGAS.

I have a confession.
Before this trip, I had never been to Vegas.
Finally took that slightly embarrassing note off my traveling resume.

The idea of having two days of doing nothing but sitting by the pool, catching up on trash magazines, and maybe even hitting up THE strip was all I needed to say yes to pulling the trigger on a Living Social deal we found months ago.

Months in the making, this weekend could not have come at a better time.
Remember, we had just potty trained Graham the week before.
"Good luck babe, I'm sure he'll do great!"....said the girl packing her bags for a fun filled weekend away.
I didn't have to remind anyone to tell me they had to go potty all weekend.

We may have overpacked a bit.
And being the prepared girls like we are, we had plenty of water.....just in case.
My friend, Karen, has a survival pin board on Pinterest....just so you know what kind of people we're dealing with here.  =)  
And just being honest, she may have convinced me to start one as well.....mental note to actually start completing some of those things on the board, since Pinterest most likely will not be accessible in the case of a true disaster.
I digress, here are Joy & Karen as we waited to check in

This would be the pool that we spent an entire lovely day at.

 Caught up on all the drama of TomKat, etc.....

And then we found our way onto the Vegas Strip where I stupidly did no go with my gut on Black 17.
Lesson NOT ignore THAT feeling.

Instead we explored a bit, and found our way to 

We then spent our last day in our hotel room, napping and reading.....because we COULD.
And that 5 hour road trip there turned into an 8 hour road trip home....where we found
all three dads with kids in tow hanging out at Karen's house at 10:30pm.

Nicely played Dads, nicely played.

Great trip girls, let's do it again SOON!


Lacey said...

What a FUN trip! I have NEVER been to VEGAS!! And you MISSY MISS.... are TEENY TINY!!! Still WW????

Karen said...

Yeah! What a fun weekend! I am ready to schedule the next one ASAP :) -The survivalist :)