Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Don't Mind if I do

A few weeks back my neighbor, Audra, asked me if I'd like to join her for a massage and lunch at La Costa Resort and Spa. She had had a gift card that was given to her almost a year ago and it needed to be used. That's discipline if I've ever heard of it. If someone gave me a gift card to this place....
it would most certainly be gone ...like yesterday.
I thought about it for a nano second before practically shouting into the phone...
"Yes, oh my gosh, yes...that would be so awesome!"

So we spent yesterday morning here.
Oh, and where were the kids?
Well, they were with grandma and papa and dad....and thank God there were three of them because they had the responsibility of taking them to the pediatrician, filling out new paperwork for two, getting diagnosed with two parasites (seriously) and Graham fighting a fever and sore throat to boot.

So yes, I felt a smidge guilty for going here

while the rest of my family was dealing with total crap. But, as I tried to explain to Andy, this would be like if someone invited him to play golf at Torrey Pines....for free.....it could not be passed up.

So we were spoiled rotten with robes, citrus and rosemary water, warm towels, incredible massages, bellinis, lunch, and three hours with no kids! It was amazing. Thank you, thank you Audra!!

Later that afternoon, back with the fam, we decided to play tourists and go explore the La Jolla area with Andy's parents. Andy had heard about this scenic drive up Mount Soledad, so we decided to see what it was about.

The view most certainly did not suck.

Family photo op
Grandma and Papa
Addison was having a ball

graham was looking a little pathetic and still not feeling all that great, but took in the view of the seals with Papa
gorgeous sunset in La Jolla Cove

It was a wonderful day
and Graham finally started to perk up



sarah said...

LOVE the close ups of dad & addison & you & graham. super cute. and I'M OFFICIALLY JEALOUS.

Honeyman 4 said...