Saturday, December 4, 2010

He'll Have his cake...and he ate 2!

I know Addison, I can't believe it either....
this guy is ....

and happy about it!

my friend, Karen, made this adorable personalized shirt for his birthday.
I wish I had gotten a better picture of it, but it we had him in it for a good three days....because birthdays should be more like a week long celebration, right?

Here is what you're up to at 12 months old...

*saying mama!
*cutting 2 top teeth to add to your 2 bottom ones
*drinking from a straw
*pointing at everything
*taking 2 naps a day and sleeping 12 hours at night
*and I'm letting you keep your paci for now's just cute on you.

So let's get to the important part of the festivities...

Monkey banana cupcakes on your birthday because bananas and chocolate are just about your two favorite things.
This wouldn't be your first crack at sugar.....
but you were focused just the same!

and of course, Addison didn't want to miss out

And because we are fans of sugar and chocolate in this house....
you had another cake the next day!!
Chocolate cake, pudding, and oreos...sitting pretty in your new dump truck.

Hey there....what you lookin' at?
Ok, I'll share.

And then cake would be followed by presents....
You are loving your new balls and dump trucks and so is dad.

Mom is loving this...
it's a good one buddy...
Yeah, the only thing that would have topped off this birthday is if you would have started walking or something......

You did!!

Little man took his first steps right after he finished opening his presents and papa and grandma were here to see the whole thing!

Happy Birthday my little man!
12 month stats

Height 31 inches (79%)
Weight 22 lbs 6 oz (38%)
Head: 47 cm (30%)


Shannon K. said...

Happy birthday Graham!!! CANNOT BELIEVE IT! He's adorable :) I like your bday was Ryan's 1st birthday theme as well!

Kat and Craig said...

My stomach is growling from all of that chocolate!! I just don't think your family could get any cuter or prettier!!! Happy Birthday to the sweetest little boy!! Love!!

sarah said...

those cupcakes look AMAZING. and i'm so glad papa & grandma got to see the first steps! i think they got to witness iris's as well (we were out of town for them, if i remember correctly?!?) can't remember about the other grandkids.