Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ra bu bum bum....

Addison has been singing her favorite Christmas song for 2 weeks now. It's mine too, and it's known to most people as, "Little Drummer Boy", but all the girl knows it "ra bu bum bum", which she repeats over and over and over again.

My parents just left today after staying with us for 8 days. We had so much fun. When you live close to family, it's great because you can see them often, BUT there is never really a reason to spend the night with them. Now that we're a plane ride away, we have plenty of reason. I think everyone had a great time, and the house seems super quiet now, with just the 4 of us after non-stop company the last month.

So you know what happens when you don't blog in almost 2 weeks? You get a bunch of random pictures and not enough energy to write something witty to go with it. So instead, .....

Here's our week of fun in a quick photo summary.....without the wit.

This picture cracks me up. Look at the expression on Graham's face. I think Santa was creeping him out a little bit.
Addison was just glad to have a candy cane.

Graham couldn't get enough of his Poppy. He wanted to be wherever he was.

We did a little shopping after seeing Santa
and then we headed to the Del Hotel on Coronado Island for lunch. Their decorations are amazing. They said that this one tree took a staff of 10 two days to put up.

Back at our house, Addison took the tree decorating into her own hands. Every day she would take her necklaces out of the dress up drawer and "decorate" the tree. It was so cute.

Addison enjoyed the petting zoo at the Childrens' Christmas Eve service. We enjoyed the sunshine after 7 days of non-stop rain. Where do we live again?
You could have fooled me.
Christmas morning!! The kids were thrilled with what Santa had brought them.
Addison has pretty much not left her dollhouse's side since Saturday....except to eat and sleep. I would say it was a hit, Santa.
Our little ham has started to do jazz hands while yelling, "Money!!" whenever her picture is being taken. She was cracking us up.
and this little guy is just still pure cuteness. Although stubborn. Since taking his first steps about a month ago, he still prefers crawling or being held to get where he needs to go.
Love this one.

This is the girl that used to hate the camera.
Graham is loving all of Addison's new Christmas presents.

and some cute random pictures with Poppy..
jazz hands



Lacey said...

Looks like a GREAT Christmas. Addison is going to LOVE that dollhouse. We have the EXACT same one. Ellie got a barbie dollhouse this year so the loving family is now in Hadleys room and naptime has been hard because she keeps getting out of bed to play with it. :) Love the Del. My sister used to work there. I know that place well and LOVE It. Your pictures are awesome as always. Hope you guys are loving your new home. We sure miss you back here in Texas!!

the deKorne family said...

DARLING! Addison looks SO grown up!! Seriously like a big girl. How sad. And that little man is just the cutest. So wish i could see him! Glad your parents were there and you had a great first California Christmas!

Kat and Craig said...

you are finally back. missed you so much!! love you friend!