Friday, March 16, 2012

Houston: back to where we began

While we were in Houston, we did quite a bit of driving.   Some of this driving involved scouting out potential areas to move should be ever get transferred back.
This was really just an excuse to drive around and explore because a transfer in nowhere in the immediate future (at least we're hoping).

Anyways, while driving, we happened to be near the area where the church we got married is.
Andy and I never went to this be honest we just thought is was a beautiful church and in a good location....and that fit the bill for us at the time.

Anyways, being the sentimental romantic that I am, I wanted to take Addison by and show her the church.  It was POURING down rain so I thought it was going to be a quick drive by.
We drove under the portico and I actually got out to try to see if it was unlocked by chance.  
(There were no cars to be seen in the parking lot)
It was, and Andy said, "You want to go in, don't you?"
Yes!  I hadn't been back in seven years and I just thought that would be so cool to show Addison since she has been extremely into wedding pictures lately.
That, and I was just being sentimental.

We got the kids out and once inside tried the sanctuary, which was open as well....but pitch black.
This church has the MOST BEAUTIFUL stained glass I've ever seen.  It was my favorite part.
So I just stood there for a minute in the black sanctuary with the thunder booming from outside and it was beautiful.

After a few minutes, the building manager came by to check us out.  Once he heard that we had gotten married there and were reminiscing, he offered to go in and turn all the lights on.

Then he took a few quick pictures for us.
Although they didn't turn out great, I love that we have these pictures with our kids on the same alter where we said "I do" almost 7 years ago.
It was seriously one of my favorite memories from our Houston trip.
I told y'all I'm sentimental!



Sarah Hart said...

this is so great! i love it. and i love houstonians, always ready to accomodate. LOVE.

The Manuel Family said...

Great family picture at the altar!