Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring has Sprung

Is love in the air?  This girl looks way too smitten at the ripe age of not even four yet to be riding on the back of a motorcycle with Logan.

 Our birds are back!  Well, different babies this year, but the nest right outside our door got used again for baby hummingbirds.  Apparently hummingbirds aren't picky and don't mind reusing a nest.  
We all love getting to see how much they change and how quickly!  While Andy thinks they are kinda cool, he is not so happy about the mess they leave.
Mess shmess, they're cute.
 Our backyard is blooming....
 This week has been awesome because some of my favorite people from Texas are in town!
My best friend Jacqueline (mom of those cute twins from a few posts back) was in town for work so we caught brunch at the Brigantine on Coronado Sunday.  I love this girl!
I adore our friendship and am so thankful for it...seriously getting a little teary eyed typing this.
I so wish for the umpteenth time that Texas and California could just be squeezed together so I could see her more often.

Guess who else is in town??!!
My parents are also here for "work".
My dad has a conference at Torrey Pines all week, so we have gotten to spend some special time with Nana & Poppy....and a few nice dinners and golf thrown in.

In other happenings...
Graham is living up to his age.
He is testing limits, screaming/yelling, and destroying everything.
Totally different kid in the last couple of weeks....
I'm not sending him away yet, but let's just say thank goodness we have a few extra hands around this week to wear him out.

Addison's nap is long gone and "quiet" time is not so quiet.
She thinks as long as she asks me 100 questions while whispering, it's still quiet time.
So this is what I see for much of Graham's nap.
The Ipad is friend to both of us.

After 9 days of rain in Houston and 2-3 days here...we were ready for some sunshine.

 We headed to the beach after nap to run off some energy.
It's getting easier to manage the beach by myself, yet still not EASY.

I did use a tip I found on Pinterest and tried baby powder to get off gritty sand.

End result....
I'll be picking up an obnoxious amount of it tomorrow at Costco to get us through the summer.




Sarah Hart said...

so much good stuff in this post! i know my brother is THRILLED about the baby powder thing. it will be LIFE-CHANGING for him! and that first pic of addison on the ADORABLE. your yard looks amazing! and didn't jacqueline just have those babies like 5 minutes ago? she looks great! love you all.

the mangiafico family said...

i second the baby powder trick! i learned that many years ago and always have a bottle in the car in summers.

The Montgomerys said...

i am going to have to try that baby powder!